'Oil Exporation 101' for The Private Investor -

1This web site reveals closely-guarded secrets to making the odds work in your favour in the oil & gas exploration business. Learn about fundamental "due dilligence" to making serious money in this high-stakes business. While also avoiding the many pitfalls!

All of this wealth of privileged information is free. Because it’s ultimately aimed at helping you learn how to sidestep unscrupulous drill program Operators.

What’s the payoff for us? It’s simple. Stonehenge Capital Research consults to small, reputable oil & gas exploration companies in the Appalachian foothills region of the U.S. And like ourselves, they don’t want to see this emerging industry sector tarnished by a few ‘bad apples.’ So it’s a win-win situation for everyone who truly believes in honest free enterprise. After all, that’s what has made America great.

Investor partnerships allow accredited investors to participate in individual drilling programs throughout the U.S. If successful, each investor earns prospectively lucrative payouts from the production of each well.

An added incentive however, is the major tax breaks offered by the U.S. government. In fact, it is possible to write off up to 100% of drilling costs, regardless of whether or not the well is a producer.

Caveat emptor! Tax write-offs do not replace the loss of meaningful cash flow if the well turns out to be a dud and your investment dollars are all gone. This is where Stonehenge Capital Research can provide you with invaluable research tools to help you make your own well-informed decisions about the following:

  • determining the right "due dilligence" when evaluating oil or gas exploration investment opportunities
  • deciding which one is right for you

Conducting this detailed due diligence (research) is however easier said than done. That’s because it is almost impossible to access fair and balanced guidelines elsewhere on how to thoroughly examine the multitude of oil drilling investment opportunities that investors are presented with. And all too often by way of cold calling. Unfortunately for oil investors, there appear to be almost as many questionable oil deals as acceptable ones.

Once again, this web site is intended to help address this problem by providing you with the research tools and references to help you to do your own homework. Hopefully, this will help you to locate reputable oil and/or natural gas exploration companies.

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